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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thinking of Getting a Puppy For Christmas...PLEASE READ!!!!

The following article was written by and is presented with permission from Louise Guyton, a rescuer who states that every Christmas there is an abundance of puppies abandoned to the shelters:

Please don’t do it! Please advise others not to do it! Getting a pup as a Christmas gift is just not a good idea!

I don’t know if people really notice or not. Sometimes I wonder. A little pup or any other pet is a living, breathing animal that feels pain and neglect, just like a child does. There is no way to compare it with a toy because puppies cannot be wrapped up in a box as a Christmas Gift (they need air), Puppies need a lot of attention (feeding, potty breaks, play and a nice rest period where it is quiet), Puppies need to be handled with care (you cannot beat on them like a Tonka toy or carry it around by one leg like you do a doll), Puppies need love (heartbroken pups tend to cry a lot and even make themselves sick).

Now let’s take a look at the holidays and put a puppy in the middle of it all. It is Christmas eve and Mom just got the three children to bed. Dad is sitting on the floor trying to figure out how to put Lisa’s wagon together and then he has to tackle a combination fort and playhouse for his son. Mom wanted to get cookies baked this evening so she would not be doing it on Christmas day. She promised them for a church party on Boxing Day, but she has to run across town and pick up the puppy she and Dad bought for the kids. It is the most adorable little thing – only 8 weeks old and still stumbling when it tries to walk. So she has to leave the cookies for now and gets in the car to pick the little pup up.

Backyard breeder Zelda is hoping that all three of the people who have purchased puppies hurry up and get there. She told her kids that she would be up to see them this evening and spend the night so they could be all together on Christmas Day. In fact she planned to spend quite a few days and that is why she lied to the people buying pups and told them they were 8 weeks when in fact they were barely 6 weeks. If she could get rid of the puppies tonight, then her neighbor’s son was going to come over the day after Christmas and take the mother dog to the Humane Society. Everyone showed up and picked up their puppy. So 20 minutes after the last pup left, Zelda was in the car and puling out the driveway.

Mom put the new little puppy in a box in the garage for the night. She had a hot water bottle to help keep him warm. It would not stay warm all night long, but the kids would be up really early so it should be okay. She remembered the clock trick to remind the puppy of Mama dog and she put down some dry food and some warm pablum (children’s Pablum). It sure did not look like the puppy knew too much about feeding itself!. As she walked out the puppy started screaming. She was really glad he was in the garage where he would not keep the entire family awake. She went to the kitchen and was baking cookies. Dad was now working on the fort. She got two batches of cookies in the oven so she had ten minutes to start putting some packages from Santa under the tree.

They worked for a couple of more hours and then went to bed. Mom could still hear that puppy crying while she was in the kitchen, but now that everything was dark and quiet, he probably would settle down and go to sleep. The kids were up and yelling before 6 AM the next morning. It seemed that a guy named Santa came during the night. Mom and Dad struggled out of bed, having gone to bed too late the night before. After watching the kids rip through paper and throw boxes everywhere, she snuck into the garage and got the puppy. She got him into the living room and put him down. He promptly peed on the carpet, causing Mom to scream. Everyone turned around and the kids spotted the puppy. They ran over and for the next 15 minutes they held and kissed the puppy and were so excited. Then they ran back to the tree to see what else they had received. Lisa brought her bike inside and hooked up the wagon to it and started riding around the living room. She was on her third pass when a puppy started screeching. Everyone stopped and ran to see what happened. Dad picked the pup up and looked him over before telling Lisa that she ran over the puppies tail with the bike and the new wagon, The pups tail was starting to swell and it certainly looked crooked so Dad said that they were probably going to need to take the puppy to a veterinary’s office. So Mom put the poor puppy back into the box in the garage

After breakfast, she finally remembered that the puppy was probably hungry so she told Lisa to go make sure the puppy had dog food in his bowl. When Lisa came back she told her Mom that the little dish with the dry food was full, but he had spilled his water. Grandma and Grandpa came at noon and they would be staying until Christmas dinner. About 4:30 that afternoon, the family sat down to have dinner. The kids were still busy showing Grandma what all they got for Christmas. Grandpa was always grumpy and he did not seem interested. All he wanted to do was eat, but Grandma was so the kids kept jumping up from the table and running off into the other room to bring back something else they received. By the time Grandma and the kids finally finished eating, it was 6:30 and Grandpa was asleep on the couch. So everyone went into den. They put on a Christmas video and sat down to watch.

It was almost 10 o’clock when Grandpa woke up and realized what time it was. He went to the bathroom and then straight to the den where everyone was standing up because the movie was over. He told Grandma that they need to get going. So everyone started passing coats and gifts and stuff into the car and after a bout of kissing and hugging and telling each other Merry Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa finally drove away. Mom and Dad were sure glad when they left. It was bitterly cold outside and they had just grabbed the first jacket they saw to go say goodbye to Dad’s parents. When they got back in the house, Dad told the kids to pick up toys and stuff and get ready for bed and Mom started cleaning the kitchen. It was late before they finally got the kids into bed, the dishwasher going, and all the papers and empty boxes picked up. Dad was bushed so he was going to bed after grabbing a quick shower and Mom was going to fill the tub and relax for awhile.

She finally got out of the tub and fell into bed after midnight and that was when she remembered the puppy. She put on a heavy robe and went out to the garage. It was very cold out there and she found the puppy in a corner of the box. He was shivering and whimpering a little. His tail was all swollen up, he really looked pathetic. She picked the puppy up, box and all and brought it into the kitchen where it was warmer. She put a towel in the dryer so it would warm up and wrapped the puppy up in it before turning off the light and going back to bed. The next morning about 10, Dad called a veterinarians’ office to see if they were open. They were so he asked if he could come in as soon as possible. After he told them what he thought was wrong with the puppy, they told him to bring the puppy in right away. The kids were in the living room playing and they had not once asked about the puppy so Mom and Dad were a little disturbed.

Dad left with the puppy and when he returned, he was quite upset. The puppy had to stay at the vets office. They said the puppy was dehydrated, the tail was badly broken and the puppy was probably going to lose it. They also told him that the puppy was not eating dry kibble yet because it was much too young and still needed soft foods and its mother. The puppies lungs sounded raspy like it was getting a respiratory problem and the doctor sounded angry. Then the told Dad that he would have to leave an estimated deposit of $500.00 to cover the cost of medical bills for that little dog that they had not even named yet and whom the kids had forgotten they had. They finally tried to call the breeder to let her know that they would like to bring the puppy back but there was no response. So they talked it over and decided that owning a dog was just not what they needed to do, especially now with the kids being so excited with new toys and they were hyper with all the candy, but anyway, they decided to give the puppy up to the Humane Society. Dad called the vet and told them that they were not going to pick the puppy up but they would contact the humane society and get one of the employees to pick the puppy up. But that did not work because they needed to sign a release. The vet said that if they came to take the puppy now, it would die, so they decided that in the morning, Dad would go and pick the puppy up at the vets office and take it to the Humane Shelter where he could sign the release.

The puppies condition was improved but guarded the next morning. Dad could see that the vet was pretty angry over the entire situation. The vet said he would not release the puppy at this time, but he suggested Dad go sign the release at the front desk right there at the veterinary office. Dad asked for a refund and the vet told him rather sarcastically, No, I think you owe that much to this little puppy. Dad left and he vowed that he would never have another dog as long as he was alive.

Three days later an employee at the veterinary clinic adopted the puppy and took it home with her. The puppy never did go to the Humane Society so he never got to see that his mother was there and so were his siblings. It seems that none of the Christmas pups fit in with their new homes. They probably would have been fine about the middle of February after all of Christmas was over, but the Christmas pups did not work out for any of the three families.

1. Puppies need too much attention and care to make a good present on Christmas. There are too many demands out of everyone’s day already without trying to add more. ‘’=

2. Young pups need food three to four times a day. They require constant care or they will make a smelly mess of your carpets very quickly. Someone has to start housetraining NOW!!

3. Someone needs to be available to escort the puppy out to go potty every three to four hours. It does not matter if the temperature outside is minus 10 and falling.

4. Puppies just separated from its mother may be frightened, distressed, or sense emotions from his now human parents. A stressed pup is very prone to illness.

5. Sometimes a stressed puppy reacts by getting into everything. He is likely to chew up shoes or slippers or swallow things he should not have in the first place,

6. Because of all the sweets, treats and filling food around, it is more likely that puppies will find something to overindulge in and really make himself sick.

7. Puppies are inclined to investigate all of the shiny pretty stuff on the Christmas tree and wind up eating tinsel, chewing on electrical cords, breaking fragile ornaments and ingesting glass.

8. Pointsettia is not the best plant you can let a puppy chew on unless you are wealthy and don’t mind the veterinary bills. But you don’t have to go to the vet if your family does not mind owning a dead puppy for Christmas.

9. Were you too busy to check and see if the puppy came with worms or other diseases. Was the puppy oild enough to have its first shots? Can the puppy eat. These are all things that a new owner needs to take time to find out BEFORE you get the dog.

10. Please remember and remind everyone you see, Puppies are not a whim they are forever and they need to come to a family that can keep them forever.

Louise Guyton

Visit my web page at

Friday, November 4, 2011

Do you live in the Boston Area? Pets in Need Silent Auction Event!

Pets in Need 14th Annual Silent Auction
Friday, November 4 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
George Dilboy VFW Post 529 Somerville, MA
The Pets in Need Silent Auction is the premiere charity event in the greater Boston area supporting a non-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer pet rescue in Somerville, MA. Whether you are finishing up your holiday shopping or just looking to help surrendered pets in your local community, the Pets In Need Silent Auction is a great way for you to show your support for a neighborhood rescue.

Items up for auction include a round trip ticket on Southwest Airlines, valuable Boston sports collectibles (featuring autographed memorabilia from the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins!), stays at fashionable local hotels like the Liberty Hotel and the XV Beacon, passes to local museums, gift certificates to Boston area restaurants and much more – there is something for everyone in the family!

There is no admission fee, and all ages are welcome. Refreshments will be donated by a number of local eateries. The Nahanton Avenue Band will be playing your favorite hits from the 80s, try your luck at the 50/50 raffle, and enjoy the cash bar!

For more information and to see items up for auction, visit:

If you're unable to make it to the auction but would still like to donate, please visit our website to make an electronic donation:

Or, send a check to: Pets in Need, PO Box 123, Dracut, MA 01826; write "Silent Auction" in the Memo line.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help a Pet in Need! 2012 Calendars for sale!

 2012 Calendars for sale!!!
Pets In Need
Friday, September 30 · 1:00am - 4:00am
Highlighted are some of the lucky cats and dogs adopted from PIN, as well as some of our wonderful cats and dogs still awaiting their forever homes!
100% of proceeds from the sales of the calendar go to the cats and dogs served by PIN.
Pick up yours at the following locations beginning Wednesday, September 28th (cash/check/money order only):
Winter Hill Veterinary Clinic: 257 Broadway, Somerville MA 02145
Hours: Monday through Friday 9-4, Saturday 9-12
Animal Spirit Pet Food and Supply Shop: 2348 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA 02140
To arrange a pick up in the Dracut area: email
To order a calendar by mail please click on this link:, print and fill out the form and mail it, along with your payment, to PIN at the address on the form. * **
*Shipping charges do apply for mailed orders: $3.00 for the first calendar, $1.00 for each additional calendar.
** Credit Card payments are accepted for mailed orders, as well as check and money orders.

Winning Entries for the Pets In Need 2012 Alumni Calendar:
Cover: “Butterscotch” submitted by Susan and Richard of Cambridge, MA
January: “Zuba” submitted by Judie of Windham, NH
“Eli” submitted by Elizabeth of West Medford, MA
February: “Sammy” and “Bella” submitted by Lisa of Somerville, MA
“Chase” submitted by Joe of Hudson, NH
“Ellie Mae” submitted by Linda of Haverhill, MA
March: “Tinkerbell” submitted by Sara, Jayce, Cailee and Linsay of Billerica, MA
“Popsicle” submitted by Marcia and Gary of Arlington, MA
“Kiwi” submitted by Kate of Dracut, MA
April: “Thomas” submitted by Nancy of Jamaica Plain, MA
“Magoo” submitted by Donna of Dracut, MA
“Louise” submitted by Judith of Greenville, NH
May: “Baby” submitted by Doreen and Donnie of Woburn, MA
“Luna” and “Winky” submitted by Julia, Ken, Eli and Dana of Belmont, MA
“Emma” submitted by Larry and Valentina of Watertown, MA
June:“Madeline Van Gogh” submitted by Jenny of Beverly, MA
“Fuzz Ball” and “Bill” submitted by Amy and Seth of Sandown, NH
“Jack” submitted by Kathy and Jim of Medford, MA
July: “Sparky” submitted by Michelle, Brian, Hayden & Julia of Wilmington, MA
“Cash” submitted by Carys of Hooksett, NH
“Callie” submitted by Susan of Saugus, MA
August: “Willow” submitted by Cheryl of Milford, NH
“Mr. B” submitted by Dan and Susan of Nashua, NH
“Bugs” submitted by Virginia H.
September: “Jesse” submitted by Earl and Sue of Amherst, NH
“Murphy” submitted by Melissa of Somerville, MA
“Bosco” submitted by Jessica of East Boston, MA
October: “Mileena” submitted by Rich of Everett, MA
“Bodie” submitted by Meredith and Taylor of Somerville, MA
“Tuppence” & “Hastings” submitted by Nathan & Shannon of Medford, MA
November: “Bean” submitted by Meredith and Taylor of Somerville, MA
“Georgie Marie” submitted by Dennis and Pattie of North Chelmsford, MA
“Clarise” submitted by Kara of Dracut, MA
December:“Spooky” submitted by Linda of Lowell, MA
“Dagger” submitted by Christine of Manchester, NH
“Browning” submitted by Kerri of Chelmsford, MA

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a picture for the Calendar Contest!
Without support from people like you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Funds needed to help with Pom vet bills! No donation to small!

Picture of quilt
On Monday, Sept. 26,2011 at 12:00 midnight, we will end the fundraising for Amanda, with the quilt as a gift to one lucky donor. We have taken in a little over $300.00 and her vet bill for Saige was $800.00+. We want to help her as much as possible to pay that bill since she has not worked in over 6 months. I know funds are tight for everyone but every donation helps no matter how small. Remember if you donate $5.00 or more, your name will get put in the drawing for this lovely quilt donated and made by Nancy Jackson. (One entry per donor) Please help if you can. Thank you in advance and thanks to all of you who have already donated.


Monday, September 19, 2011

URGENT...loving foster parent needed for Pit Bull in Las Vegas!!

This beautiful girl was left in desert and luckily the Animal Hospital on Nellis was able to help her. She was pregnant and not in very good shape. She is doing great, she is fully vaccinated, spayed and chipped.

We are looking for a foster or forever home, we have an adoption event coming up Oct 22nd and hopefully will find her a home. The problem is no one is at the vet center on Nellis AFB during the weekend so we have been boarding her over weekend and not sure how much longer we can do it.

Even if you can foster over weekend anything would help.

She is not aggressive but doesn't seem to care for other dogs right now, we thought maybe because she was pregnant so we are having our trainer evaluate her.

Please contact myself or Alison if you maybe able to help, not sure how much longer Nellis AFB will let them keep her on base, since they have the rule of no pits no one on base can foster her.

Annie Lamb 525-4707 or Alison Welch 485-991

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking for a customized hoodie for your pooch? Read on!

Customize your dog's shirt or hoodie at PoochParkWear. Use your imagination to put a favorite saying or your dog's name on his or her custom shirt. These are 100% cotton preshrunk shirts and hoodies with slip on neck. Hand wash only.
        Our Dog T-Shirts
        Choose from 8 color combinations, with lettering in black or white.
        The price of a blank T-shirt is $9. Printed $15. Please keep in mind that the shirts are small so they will look best with around 10 letters.

        Our Dog Hoodies
        Choose from 4 colors on the smaller colors, 3 colors on the larger, custom lettering available in black or white.
        The price of a blank hoodie is $15. Printed $20.00. Please keep in mind that the hoodies are small so they will look best with around 10 letters. The price of a large fleece hoodie is $30. Printed $35.
        Large Hoodies are for Beagle, Basset Hound, Boxer, Dalmation, Labrador, German Shephard.

        Biker Jackets
        These black synthetic jackets are a stylish way for your pooch to step out. $20. No lettering available. Sizing runs a bit larger than the sizing for shirts and hoodies.

        01. Alphabet, Clear bone, Red Heart, Pink Blue Red Clear Crown, Clear Paw
        High-quality Dazzling Collar Charms for the truly upscale pet. Featuring sparkling cubic zirconia rhinestones embedded on a high quality silver alloy mould. All 10mm charms can easily slide on collars.

        2. 100 % Crazy, Brat, Cutie, Fire Hydrant
        Sterling silver charm hangs from the collar.

        3. Woof, Cat did it, Treat Time, Bitches love me
        Silver-plated charm dangles from collar.

        Happy Shopping
        Layla and Me from PoochParkWear

Monday, September 12, 2011

“Lola Belle’s Wine & Bitch Night” for charity on Sept. 22nd! In Vegas!

 “Lola Belle’s Wine & Bitch Night” for charity

 On September 22 from 6 pm to 8 pm join us for the “Debut” of a brand new “pawsome” event in Las Vegas. A “furtastic” time is waiting and so is the opportunity to bring out your BF..Best Fur! All because Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge at Town Square is pet friendly on their patio.

Happy hour prices are available on delicious appetizers and the wonderful animal supporters at Double Helix are putting together a specialty "winetail" cocktail. All dog breeds are welcome and there will be prizes for you to enter to win. Tickets will be priced at $3 dollars and all the money will go towards helping Adopt A Rescue Pet (a 501c3 charity.)  

Plus every attendee will receive a free trial membership courtesy of Las Vegas Resorts  International This is a unique travel club marketed directly to Las Vegas residents. Enjoy discounts of 20 - 80% on cruises, hotels, and restaurants!

You are also welcome to bring donations of dog food and dog items such as beds, blankets, toys etc. All of these go towards helping a fur in need from ARP!

Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge is located at 6599 Las Vegas Blvd. (In Town Square, across from the RAVE Theater) 702.735.WINE (9463)

Make sure that your BF is well behaved and leashed at all times!

Lola Belle says All Fur One! Questions - Carole 702-234-1501

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Poppy Foundation is having a "Grooming Party!!" Volunteers needed!

 1st Inaugural Poppy Foundation "Grooming" Party
Saturday, September 3 · 8:00am - 5:30pm
Bonanza Cat Hospital
7550 W. Lake Mead Blvd, corner of N. Buffalo & W. Lake Mead
Las Vegas, NV
Volunteers needed to patch, paint, clean, scrub and organize the Poppy Foundation environment. It's grooming their home, not them! (Easier that way.) Come when you can, stay as long as you like.

Breakfast & lunch provided!

Also need muscles (male or female) and access to a pick-up truck for loading and hauling heavy items to storage.

For more info, call Bonanza Cat Hospital at 702-438-7000, or email

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your items needed! Adopt a Rescue Pet drop off location!

 ADOPT A RESCUE PET donation drop off! At Shag Me Salon
Until October 1 at 6:00pm
4110 S.Maryland Pkwy (at Flamingo)
ALL MONTH LONG ~~Donate your unwanted linens, dog beds, crates, toys , treats , DOG FOOD, and any other dog related items you thing would make life easier for these beautiful animals ! Hours : Tues-Fri 10am-7pm/ Sat 10am-6pm/ Sun 11am-5pm. THIS DROP OFF IS LASTING FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER !!!!! Come fill our back room!!!!

Debut! Lola Belle's Wine & Bitch Night coming up!! Pet Event!

Lola Belle's Wine & Bitch Night           
Thursday, September 22 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Bar
6599 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 150B
Las Vegas, NV
Come hang out with your fur and meet new fur friends! Yummy happy hour priced food! Specialty "wintails" available!

All dog breeds are welcome and there will be nice raffle prizes for you to win. Raffle tickets will be priced at $3 dollars and all the money will go towards helping Adopt A Rescue Pet.

You are also welcome to bring dog food and dog items such as beds, blankets, toys etc...

Lola Belle says All Fur One! Carole 702-234-1501

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Help spread the word on these ATROCITIES for these pigs! Pork Industry Abuse Exposed!

Tell Grocers to Reject Cruel Gestation Crates - Urge grocery giants Kroger, Costco, Safeway, and Hy-Vee – who all sell pork from the factory farm investigated by MFA – to immediately adopt policies prohibiting the sale of pork from facilities that confine breeding pigs in gestation crates – narrow metal cages barely larger than the animals' own bodies. These abusive crates – which have been banned in numerous states – prevent the sows from even turning around, lying down comfortably, walking, or engaging in basic natural behaviors.

    Please contact the companies below:
·         Kroger
        Call 1-800-576-4377
        Or click here to access Kroger's online comment form.
·         Safeway
        Call 1-877-723-3929
        Or click here to access Safeway's online comment form.
        Or email Steve Burd, Safeway Chairman and CEO –
·         Costco
        Call 1-800-955-2292
        Or click here to access Safeway's online comment form.
        Or email James Sinegal, Costco CEO -
  •         HyVee
        Call 1-515-267-2800
        Or click here to access Safeway's online comment form
        Or email Ric Jurgens, Hy-Vee Chairman and CEO -

    Here is a sample email message:

    Dear Decision-Makers,

    I was shocked and horrified by the animal abuse recently documented on hidden camera by Mercy For Animals at one of your pork suppliers – Iowa Select Farms. Meat from these abused animals is currently being sold in your stores under the Swift brand pork.

    I am disgusted to see how pregnant pigs are kept locked in narrow, metal gestation crates barely larger than their own bodies. In such intensive and unrelenting confinement, these intelligent and social animals are unable to even turn around, lie down comfortably, walk, or engage in other basic behaviors. These restrictive crates are so cruel that a growing number of states have moved to ban them.

    It's time that your grocery chain becomes a leader on animal welfare issues by adopting strict policies and oversight to prevent this unnecessary animal abuse. Please make the compassionate and socially responsible choice to immediately enact a company-wide policy prohibiting the sale of pork from suppliers that confine pigs in cruel and inhumane gestation crates.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Spread the Word - Share this investigation on Facebook or embed the YouTube video if you have a website or blog. Don't forget to send a link to MFA's investigation to your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family.
    Make a Donation - Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help Mercy For Animals continue our vital work to expose and end cruelty to animals.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Doggy Ice Cream Social in Kingsburg Calif.! Today!

Free Doggy Ice Cream Social Sponsored by Kingsburg Feed.
Thursday, August 4 ·
Kingsburg Feed and Pet Supplies
1540 Marion Street
Kingsburg, CA
Bring your dog out and let them enjoy Sweet Spots from Nature's Variety! This is a healthy frozen yogurt treat that is made of all natural ingredients...! Kingsburg Feed is also offering 20% off everything in the store (except dog/cat food) to all the people who come and enjoy the fun! Hope to see you there!...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Save the Date! Whiskers and Tails Motorcycle Raffle Run!

 Whiskers & Tails Motorcycle Raffle Run for All Fur Love Animals Society
Registration at RideNow Powersports

September 17, 2011 Saturday

Registration starts at 4:30 pm
RideNow Powersports
3800 North Rancho Blvd.
Las Vegas 89130

Raffle prizes include show tickets, hotel stays, restaurant certificates, gear and more!

Ending Dinner Party at Whiskey Dick’s
Starting at 6:00 pm

To purchase tickets:
For more information:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lola Belle's Las Vegas's Furever Spot! Good home wanted for Lenny!

Lenny is looking for a good home where he is the only dog. 
He has 2 sisters in his current home and doesn't get enough attention.
3 year old male Shih Tzu
Has shots and is neutered
Very sweet 
Questions - please email

Friday, July 15, 2011

Incred-A-Bull Kickoff Celebration!! Help dogs in Las Vegas!


Join us for our Incred-A-Bull Kickoff Celebration

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Emergency Arts

 520 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

It will be an evening of fun and fundraising. Learn what Incred-A-Bull is doing to help dogs in our community. Enjoy snacks, drinks, exciting raffle prizes and the company of fellow dog lovers! Parking options: on street, valet at El Cortez (across 6th St) or self park at El Cortez (entrance on 7th St.)
This is an adult human only event.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rev you engines! Get out to the Red Rock Harley Davidson Pet Adoption Fair!

Red Rock Harley-Davidson Pet Rescue Adoption Fair
Saturday, July 16 · 9:00am - 3:00pm

Visit us on Saturday, July 16 from 9am to 3pm as Red Rock Harley-Davidson hosts a Pet Rescue Adoption Fair. Pet Rescue groups will be on hand offering on-site and off-site dog and cat adoptions. Join us for raffle prizes during the fair. Dog Training Demonstrations by "Sit Means Sit". We will also have pet contests for Best Dressed Harley Dog & more.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help needed in locating LOST PUP in Las Vegas!! Click and read..Thank you!

Your help needed!!! MISSING little Pup in Las Vegas!! The pup ran away yesterday afternoon in the neighborhood of Mountains Edge. This little girl is only 12 weeks old and darted out the door in the blink of an eye. Photo is attached. There is a reward and VIP tickets to opening night of Fright Dome this year. Contact email for anyone that sees the little one or can help is PLEASE RE-POST IN LAS VEGAS. Lets bring her home safe!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nature's Pet Market - PAWTY Tomorrow!!

 Nature's Pet Market - Las Vegas
Wholesome Grub for the Pets You Love
Located at corner of Tenaya and Lake Mead in Whole Foods Shopping Center

7260 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Phone: (702) 233-5800
Hours: M-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5

Welcome to the Nature's Pet Market - Las Vegas home page.  Nature's Pet Market is locally owned and operated and your one stop shopping center for dogs and cats.

    Free pet food and treat samples available.

    Located at the corner of Tenaya and Lake Mead in the Whole Foods Shopping Center.

Nature's Pet Market - Las Vegas offers the following brands - Avo Derm, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Canine Caviar, Earthborn Holistic, Evanger's, Felidae, Merrick Canned, Natural Balance, Natural Planet Organics, Pinnacle, Pure Vita, Rad Cat Raw, Solid Gold, Taste of the Wild, Tiki Cat, Veterinarian Formula Complete, Wellness Canned Cat Food and much more.

Don't see a brand that you are looking for?  Give us a call.  We can likely special order it for you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Stand by your dog!" a new rescue service by FUPI is up and running and needs you!

We just received this from FUPI!!!

I am happy to inform volunteers, fosterers and Cyber Sanctuary Members that Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. (FUPI) has officially begun its “Stand By Your Dog” transport program.

FUPI has created a coalition with The Animal Foundation, K94U Transport Company and Petcetera pet supply store to transport Las Vegas rescue dogs by airway to British Columbia, Canada. Ironically, while Clark County, Nevada has a significant overpopulation of homeless dogs, British Columbia, one the other hand, has a shortage of dogs. 

FUPI’s part in the coalition is to evaluate and take possession of rescue dogs selected by K94U Transport Company from The Animal Foundation shelter. FUPI then obtains a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for each dog. The dogs are then flown to Chilliwack, British Columbia where they are land transported to Petcetera pet stores. Petcetera fosters the dogs at their “in store” kennel facility until the dogs are adopted.  Staff of Petcetera adheres to policy of the FUPI adoption agreement to make certain that all the dogs go to good loving and safe homes.

The first shipment of five dogs was on Wednesday June 8, 2011. Four of the five dogs were already adopted by Saturday, June 11, 2010.

FUPI plans to transport two shipments of five dogs per week. This calculates to over 500 shelter dogs per year saved by our combined efforts and the good people of Canada.


1)      We will need volunteers to evaluate the dogs selected by K94U Transport Company every Friday and Sunday at Animal Foundation dog adoption area.
2)      We will need volunteers to help transport the selected dogs to our participating vet every Monday and Wednesday so that Health/ Travel Certificates can be issued.
3)      We will need volunteers to help transport the dogs to the airport early Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
4)      We need contributed airline approved animal carriers that are secured by nuts and bolts and have metal doors. The carriers must be approximately the dimensions specified below:
L   x   W   x  H
21  x  16  x  15
27  x  20  x  19
32  x  22  x  23
36  x  24  x  26
40  x  27  x  30

If you can volunteer one or two days a month for a few hours, then please call the FUPI office to schedule a date. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Live in or around the Pacific Palisades? "Wine, Cheese, and Bones!" W. Bruce Cameron and Tucker!

New York Times Bestseller "A Dog's Purpose" and the adoptable dogs of THE AMANDA FOUNDATION Present:


A Dog and People Book Party to benefit Palisades Village Book Friends*

Village Books
Wednesday, June 8, 7:30 P.M.
1049 Swarthmore Avenue, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron and his dog Tucker (and Tucker's Amanda Foundation dog friends) will be signing copies of the new trade paperback of the New York Times bestseller A Dog’s Purpose at a “Wine, Cheese, and Bones” Party at Village Books (1049 Swarthmore Avenue, Pacific Palisades) on Wednesday, June 8th at 7:30pm.

Half of the book’s cover price will go to the Palisades Village Book Friends, a non-profit 50 (c)(3) organization formed to promote and support literary events in the community, and to ensure the continuation of the tradition started by Village Books of organizing author readings, signings, and other literary events.

The Amanda Foundation is a partner is this benefit to help the “Dog Friendliest Independent Bookseller in Los Angeles” to survive and thrive.   One of LA’s oldest and most respected animal charities, The Amanda Foundation has been a pioneer in spay and neuter programs.  Several of The Amanda Foundation adoptable dogs will be in attendance for guests to meet, as well as Dina Zaphiris, host of Animal Planet’s “Petfinder” with one of her dogs that has been trained to detect cancer by scent.

A Dog’s Purpose spent 19 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list when it was published in hardcover, and it will be debuting on the New York Times list in trade paperback this Sunday, June 12th. 

A Dog’s Purpose is also coming to the big screen as a major motion picture from DreamWorks Studios with W. Bruce Cameron writing the screenplay.

Everyone who reads A Dog’s Purpose is passionate about it.  It was voted “Top 5 Best Fiction of 2010” in the Goodreads Readers Choice Poll, and it was named a "Best Read 2010" in Cesar's Way Magazine.  Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker also raved about it on her website, saying “I laughed and smiled and cried…This book is wise and sure to open the hearts of all who read it.”

Kids, dogs, and grown-ups are all invited to meet W. Bruce Cameron and Tucker and support Village Books, one of Los Angeles’s most treasured independent bookstores.
*Palisades Village Book Friends is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization formed to promote and support literary events in our community, and to ensure the continuation of the tradition started by Village Books of author readings, book signings and other literary events.