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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Really?? This is the letter that we received from Sen. Reid regarding the Wild Horse Roundups! FORM LETTER

Humm nowhere in this letter does it address the question of how the horses are being shipped off to Mexico and Canada and sold! Pretty much a form letter!! And they did not even spell my last name right!!
Dear Mrs. Mccabe-Joy:

Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate hearing from you.

Nevada is home to the majority of the wild horses in our country.  As a result, the care and management of these animals is a key issue for many people around our great state.  I have been critical of the Bureau of Land Management's wild horse and burro program for many years.  I have spoken directly with the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, about this problem and he shares my concerns.
As you may know, the Department of Interior recently came forward with a proposal to overhaul our nation's wild horse and burro program.  I welcome these ideas and the related proposals brought forward by wild horse advocates from around Nevada and the country.  With over 30,000 horses on the range and more than 30,000 horses in long-term holding facilities, change is badly needed.
Based on the information that the Department has released to date, we know that the Secretary is committed to keeping a large and sustainable horse population on our public lands, ensuring that Nevadans will get to enjoy these animals for generations to come.  His proposal also provides improved options for the long-term care of horses that are removed from our rangelands, and makes some long-sought changes to the wild horse adoption program.
I am happy to share with you that on September 24, 2009, I led the passage of a resolution in support of the Inaugural National Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Day which was held on September 26th. Over 18,000 horses await adoption.  I hope you will educate your friends and others about this important program.  These amazing animals need good homes and can be trained to work stock, to ride trails in the backcountry, and even to serve our communities as police horses.   In addition, the horses and burros can enrich the lives of our communities and those who adopt them.

In the end, our goal must be to protect our nation's wild horses while improving the health of our rangelands and our vital wildlife habitat through more consistent and effective management.  You can be assured that I will remain engaged in these conversations and will work to protect our state's critical natural resources.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. For more information about my work for Nevada, my role in the United States Senate Leadership, or to subscribe to regular e-mail updates on the issues that interest you, please visit my Web site at I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

My best wishes to you.

United States Senator

Monday, October 18, 2010

A REAL Cowboy...just what Nitro gets to be on "Howl-O-Ween! Custom made costume!!

The raffle was for the  So Cal Bulldog Rescue. Tickets were $2.50 each and the total  raised  was $555! Thanks to you all the dog lovers!! The prize is a custom made “howl-o-ween” costume made by Lou's Doggie Boutique. The winner is Susan Abner! She is the owner of  Nitro who is an English Bulldog and won the prize. He wants to be a REAL cowboy for “howl-o-ween” and gets to greet the trick or treaters at his door!

 Check out more wonderful fund clothing at…

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Letter to Senator Reid! Save our wild Horses!!

Dear Senator Reid,
What are you going to do about the wild horse round-ups that are going on illegally by the BLM!!

Do you support having our wild mustangs sold at slaughterhouses to Canada and Mexico! Could you watch a wild horse round up going on??

Start saving our Wild Horses!!!
DOWM WITH THE can make a is not to late. Please help our wild horses!

Will also be tweeting this out and placing it on Facebook. Hope you will get a chance to read this and take is seriously!!

Natasha Bedingfield - Wild Horses

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow a reason to shop!! Shop for a Cause!! In Las Vegas at Macy's! For HCWS!

Come over to Macy’s at the Galleria Mall this Saturday from noon to 4pm for great bargains and to support Heaven Can Wait at the same time.  Buy a $5 coupon at the HCWS table in the store (HCWS gets to keep the $5) and receive 20% (or 10%) savings on almost all of your purchases at Macy’s (sales coupons are good until 10pm).  You’ll also be eligible to win a $500 gift card!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 11, 2010

DMZ Says...are you aware that our Wild Horses are being killed??

Wild horses are also slaughtered, since a 2004 backdoor Congressional rider engineered by then-Senator Conrad Burns (R–MT) gutted the protections afforded by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Now, the Bureau of Land Management, the agency responsible for protecting wild horses, must sell "excess" horses (those 10 years of age or older, or not adopted after three tries) at auction. As a result, wild horses are being removed from their range at an alarming rate with some being sold for slaughter.

Hooray or should say "FOUR PAWS UP" for Harrah's!! Dog Friendly!!

Caesar’s Palace. Imperial Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Welcome Canine Companions with the Introduction of the “Petstay Las Vegas Hotel”

New dog-friendly program begins Oct. 11 at participating resorts

Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino are rolling out the red carpet for traveling dogs, with the launch of “PetStay Las Vegas,” the resorts’ new pet-friendly hotel program. Effective immediately, each of the three resorts allows guests to check into hotel rooms with their prized pooch and offers the necessary amenities that are required for dog travel. 

Each participating resort hosts a designated PetStay area within the hotel, equipped with welcome packets that direct guests to outdoor relief areas and dog walking routes as well as specialty room service menus.  

 “With designated hotel guest rooms and a full roster of amenities and services, we are confident that dog lovers will enjoy the perfect Las Vegas getaway at our three resort-hotels,” said Mary Ann Dennis , Vice President - Regional Teleservices.

Guests participating in the PetStay Las Vegas program are greeted by several canine-friendly in-room amenities including a mat, food and water dishes, disposable waste bags and dog treats. Information about additional dog-friendly items for purchase and nearby dog services (such as grooming, walking and veterinary care) is available upon check-in at each of the participating resorts.
Dogs staying at any of the three hotels must weigh 50 pounds or less and be present at the time of check- in.  Dogs are permitted to walk through designated common areas while on a leash and accompanied by the owner. Dogs left unattended in a guest room must be crated at all times; crates are available for rental.

Hotel room rates for owners traveling with a dog are competitively priced at a $25 per night upgrade for designated pet-friendly hotel accommodations in the Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace ; a $20 per night upgrade applies to similar accommodations at Imperial Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. For a full list of policies, rates and availability visit

To book a room at Caesars Palace , Imperial Palace or Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas visit or dial (800) 427-7247.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roos - N - More..Come on out and see the ZOO!

Another Roos-N-More Open Zoo Day – Moapa, NV

Friday, October 8 · 9:00am - 3:00pm
A rare Friday Open Zoo Day! Dave will be helping to show off the incredible animals at the zoo and hopefully will be actually giving tours of the Roos pens, the giant porcupines and showing people how to kiss a camel (they're great kissers). Hope you can come. If not, don't worry there'll be many more open zoo days to come.

For more information please visit either or Dave’s website

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wild Horses Need our Support!!

Horseman's Park
5800 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV

Free Wild Horse Rally
Monday the 11th (Columbus Day) 3:00pm to 6pm
Horseman's Park,
5800 E. Flamingo, Las Vegas

Live horses, Guest speakers, free concert by Grey Beard Bandit and friends. Wonderful musicians: Bill Wakefield, Bobby Kingston, Dan Bell, Scott Woodward of the Voodoo Cowboys and Country Fiddler Naomi Davidson.

Please attend, it's a holiday and every voice counts.
Covered by CBS and George Knapp. Picture ops with Wild Mustangs, bring the whole family. Let Our Voices Be Heard!!!!!!

The Int'l Fund for Horses is dedicated to improving the welfare of equines by working to get stronger equine protection laws into place, encouraging the enforcement of existing laws, and acting as industry watchdogs.

IMPORTANT: If you can not make this very important event, please share it, watch the video, and also share that with your friends. Thank you.

Lola Belle DMZ Pics - NSPCA