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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Pup Crawl Spring/Summer Events were a BIG Success!

On Set at Fox 5 w/Jason Feinberg

We Went Coconuts!! The Last Pup Crawl for the Spring/Summer of 2012! Plus thanks and pics from Former Pup Crawls! 
June Beaglemania at Coconuts 

June English Mastiff at Coconuts
June Pup Crawl

June Pup Crawl
It was Coconuts at “The Pup Crawl!” Mastiffs, Pomeranians, Terriers and more all showed up to show their support for local rescue Adopt A Rescue Pet The Pup Crawl is the idea of Canine! I am a puppy mill puppy that has two furbrothers that were rescued by my furmom Carole McCabe-Joy. We both became involved in rescue after learning that I possibly came from a “puppy mill!” I came home with kennel cough and yes was not socialized! However with have two furbrothers T-Bear who we adopted from another local rescue Heaven Can Wait
And my furbrother Foxy who we found on the rescue page on Face Book I am finally learning how to get along with other furs.
April Pup Crawl T-Bear
April Pup Crawl

April Pup Crawl

May Pup 

May Pup Crawl (Paulette Crowe's FurBaby)

May Pup Crawl

May Pup Crawl

March Pup Crawl

March Pup Crawl

March Pup Crawl
March Pup Crawl

Hosting The Pup Crawl has also helped me come out of my “pup shell” and I love meeting all the new attendees! We had four events starting with the schedule that is listed below:


March 22nd Brentwood CafĂ© & Tavern – 6 PM - 8 PM  7325 W. Warm Springs Rd

April 18th Radio City Pizzeria – 6 PM – 8 PM  410 S. Rampart (In Tivoli Village)

May 17th Shakespeare’s Grille & Pub 5 PM – 7 PM  790 Coronado Center Dr. #130

June 13th Coconuts Mexican Bar & Grill 6 PM - 8 PM 6605 S. LasVegas Blvd. (In Town Square)

A big THANK YOU to the crew at FOX 5 who with the MORE Show helped up get The Pup Crawl get started off on the right "paw!" They had us on the MORE show where we were interviewed by Las Vegas' Fave Anchor Jason Feinberg 

All together The Pup Crawl has raised over $1400 for Adopt a Rescue Pet.  Since obtaining non-profit approval in 2000, Adopt A Rescue Pet has grown to be one of Nevada's largest animal rescue groups providing a safe haven for dogs suffering from abuse, neglect or homelessness. In most of these cases, death would have resulted if the animal had entered a municipally funded shelter.  Monthly operating expenses for food, medical care, transportation, and supplies exceed $7,000 per month.  With hundreds of animals in ARP’s programs on a given day, donations enable ARP to know how they will help tomorrow’s homeless dog to survive and provide what it needs.

Denise Ippolito the owner of FurBaby Pawtraits was at each Pup Crawl and provided “Puperazzi photos” that captured the special photos of you and your furry friends and new friends, both two legged and four! She will be offering special packages so that you can have that special “pawtrait” done of your fur that you might have always wanted to have done but never got around to doing. Also 25% of the proceeds of each package sold goes towards helping another fur in need.

We had two great sponsors that came aboard for two of the pup crawls and they will be onboard when we start up again in late September! Paw Prints Pet Supplies! They are family owned and run  Visit them, the cookie jar is always open! Paw Prints is located in the Smith's shopping center at 215 and Green Valley Pkwy. They carry Holistic, Organic, Natural and Raw food and treats by Natural Balance, Halo, Great Life, by Nature, Nutrisca, Earthborn, Canidae, Evangers, Tiki, Weruva, Instinct, Primal, Nature's Variety, Plato, Purebites, Chicken Soup, Healthwisel and more. They are a pet friendly store.

Check out Kewl Dog and Clyde as they go on many adventures together and help dog and animal charities at Their ultimate goal is to help out dog and animal charities. They also donate a percentage of their profits to rescue groups, animal charities, and no kill shelters. This cannot be done without your help. Please help us help all those animals that do not have a voice or a choice.

Thank you to all of those who hosted The Pup Crawls!"

Thank you to The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas Grille,  Popovich, The Las Vegas Mob Museum, The Venetian and the Las Vegas Red Cross Chapter who did a demonstration for First Aid at June's event! And also Thank you to for her interview!
And all the attendees and their furs...thank you!!

Gino and Lola Belle (me!)

I love my “boyfur” Gino Ippolitp another “Pom” who rescued from a puppy mill in Louisiana and he was very ill but is now the picture of health and loves hosting with me! Check back for information with the upcoming Fall/Winter “Pup Crawls!”

Lola Belle

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